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Doing your bit for the environment 


Recycling our waste can become a daily activity which has real benefits for the environment. By diverting thousands of tonnes of recyclable material from landfill, the Central Coast will be making real environmental savings. By recycling in the Yellow Bin we help conserve natural resources, save water and energy, conserve landfill space, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pollution. Recycling closes the resources loop ensuring valuable resources are not landfilled, instead they are put back into good use making much less impact on our environment in the remanufacturing process the second time around.

For tips on recycling click on the link below to view the Easy Recycling Guide:


Composting is nature’s own recycling system.  It breaks food scraps and vegetation down into their original nutrient form and then returns that valuable nourishment to the soil.  By composting we give back some of the nutrients we have taken from the soil. Composting helps us reduce the amount of food and vegetation going into landfills. Fact: Approximately ½ of the waste from an average household can be composted. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of food and vegetation going into landfill is by composting. 

For information on setting up a composting system at home click on the link below to view the Easy Composting Guide:

Worm Farms

Worm farming is a great way to compost your foods scraps. Worms will eat most of your kitchen waste and turn it into a high-quality fertiliser. Worm farming is great for people who live in units, high rises or have limited space or garden material. Worm farms don’t smell, they don’t take up much room and can be kept indoors.

For information on setting up a worm farm click on the link below to view the Easy Worm Farming Guide:

Love Food Hate Waste

Did you know that the average household in NSW throws away $1,000 worth of food each year? Sad isn't it?

How does your household measure up?

A little bit of forward planning can help us all to save money, food and the environment. Love Food Hate Waste is about providing you with practical tips and tools you can use every day like planning your meals, preparing a shopping list, and learning how to best store your food. Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website to find out ways you can shop smarter and extend the life of your food and money: 

 Green Cleaning

Natural cleaning or ‘green cleaning’ is a way to clean your home with fewer cleaning products and safer alternatives – producing less
waste and reducing the need for harmful chemicals and finding a way to dispose of them safely.

For information on green cleaning ideas click on the link below to view the Easy Guide to Natural Cleaning:

 For more sustainable living ideas visit





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